FOR SALE: Purple M1 and Clear Die

For sale/trade : (I had 34 pos rep on YYN :confused: )

m1 43
-relatively new condition, couple pinpricks, but dual chaz setup, and smooth as heck

Clear die
-duncan clear die

what i’m looking for:
-07 888s, in decent condition
-Recreational Revolution
-CLYW bassalope/gnarwhal/…anything else but no peaks/bvms
-offer me, but make sure to let me know what you want in the PM.

i’m not gonna trade everything for one super cool yoyo that you may think is rare, so keep that in mind.

paypal pls. and i’m in the US right now

I’ve got this super awesome rare throw that you just GOTS to trade me everything for! Joking, lol

Free bump since your new to YYE forums! :slight_smile:

not new to the forums. registered earlier than you did. LOL.

oh im sorry, i was just making an assumption based on how many posts you have, guess It’s just a free bump because i like penguins



i rlly want 8888888