[s]YYR Overdrive with one significant ding (pictured) that is not noticeable cosmetically or in play. It will come with the snazzy box and KK bearing.

I got this Overdrive from Sunny and it is most definitely not bootleg. It is awesome and one of my favorites ever but sometimes it is time to move on. If you have not played one of these before, let me say that the Overdrive has a unique feel due to such a light weight for an oversized yoyo. It plays extremely fast (hence the name) and a light touch is all that is needed to get it moving. Despite this light weight, the spin times are great due to the rim weighting. It is extremely fun to throw.

Please offer $$$ or yoyo trades of equivalent value and interest (knowhatimean?)

Stuff I don’t want: undersized, plastics, most YYF or Duncan