Toys R Us is beast!

Today my mom went to Jc pennys for my sister while i go to toys r us, to pass the time.
I was suprised to find the new duncan metal drifter for only $20.I bought one, and
the’re pretty awesome ,you know,after you slip in a KK bearing. :slight_smile:

Last I heard they also have Zonbies by Pocket Pros. Also can’t wait for the new FH dice.

lol im actually super excited to hear this, bout 3-4 months ago when i quit yoyoing you couldnt buy metals anywhere… maybe gamesn more but idk, ima go pick one up

i bought a zombie a henrys lizard and an exodus2 at toys r us.
im happy toys r us i s getting involved with yoyoing ,and i hope they continue.

Say what bout new dice?

They are going to come with the new freehands. I think they are supposed to be the same color as the Freehands themselves. yes, even translucent black…

Freehand Drifter, Just a FHZ but Smaller, thats why they have the metal Drifter aka Smaller Metal Zero.

Check the duncan thread on YYN.

Now we have to convince Duncan to make Clear FH2s

Is the recess on the metal drifter deep enough to accept silicone? I hate Duncan stickers, silicone or otherwise.

i think so.

When is yye getting the metal drifter

I read about this and then, by chance, ended up near Toys R Us after dinner tonight, so I stopped in and picked one up. It doesn’t come with gold spacers, but who doesn’t have a pair of those lying around, right?

Pretty sure theyve got it now.

I think the fact that toys are us is marketing some better yoyo’s is great. The only regret i have is the fact that now whenever people see me yoyoing they say “is that a zombie?”

Is the metal drifter unresponsive?

Not stock. At least the one at Worlds wasnt, but I wouldnt bet on it.

That happened 5 times one day. “Its that a zombie?” “Zombies are beast, arnt they?”

No. I put some gold spacers in and it is mostly unresponsive.