duncan yoyo keychain

Hey if you want to yoyo anywhere anytime. well i just went to toys r us and they have duncan imperial keychains. They feel about as heavy as the normal imperial and takes some getting used to. it’s a great yoyo and if your a collector you should get one now ;D

I got like 5 at the largest toy store in the world: The toys r us in times square. Got an orange one for my friend and gave the purple one to my sister. She loves purple. I put one on my schoolbag. Anyway, what surprised me was that it had a bearing. Got 20 seconds of spin, but modded it and added weight rings so after that I got like double the original. The rings were somewhat uneven though.

??? I didnt know they had bearings… mine doesnt…

Thats wierd. I looked at mine again and it does have a bearing. Wierd.

Cool I might get one of those cuz my regular sized yoyo keeps getting takin away at school :confused:



GWAR why?!?!?! stop NECROING NECROERS. -_-

It’s only like 45 days stale. I can’t even get my clients to pay their bills that fast!

That’s borderline though. New people don’t understand general code on the internet. Typically, any 30 days old is essentially dead.