Sooooooo.... Where are they?


Summer 2013? Can’t find them anywhere…

(Owen) #2

Spring 2013*


Ahh, thanks. Somewhere else they said summer. And someone said Brandon said fall…


*Fall/Winter 2014


starts crying


WHAAA I want a Hello Kitty XT!


The hello Kitty XT’s have been released in a couple places
more interesting is the large bearing mod spacers


That’s weird. I was down there and I got to throw a yoyo that they said is a new yoyo and that was the only prototype available to public at the time. But, it didn’t look at all like the Torque (which is what I thought it was). I wonder… ::slight_smile:

No, seriously, what was it?


Don’t mean to go off topic, but that Featherhawk looks pretty cool!


Do I need to ask again?


So just go to the hardware store and get a pair of fat o-rings that fit inside the caps. The FH2 used to come with them. It’s a 3/16 inch thick o-ring, very similar in size to what comes with Dif-e-yo yoyos. Should cost under a dollar.


But it won’t look as cool :’(


I realize now, after thinking about it, that the prototype might have been a Triumph or a Bassacuda. ???
I didn’t know progress on those had already started.


They’re still working on them, last I heard it was a production issue.


Can’t be too high of a priority if they’re still having production problems after 2 years.


There was a setback with the rings initially and we haven’t heard any upcoming release date yet. We should know more after Toy Fair next month!