Classic Yo-yos

I just wanted to ask if the original Duncan Imperial and Duncan Butterflies were out already or if they are going to be on yoyoeXpert. I just want them as a part of a collection, and I personally don’t like any sites other than yoyoeXpert. So, are they out? If not, anytime soon? I also might as well add when the Duncan Metal Zero is here as well.

have you checked walmart? or walgreens? or even ralphs?
those should be sold just about anywhere that sells toys.

Actually walmart doesn’t sell them anymore.

I haven’t seen those at Target or Walmart around me. I picked up mine at Toys R Us.

Personally, for the money, I think almost all of us should have both an Imperial and a Butterfly. They are inexpensive, pretty darn durable and a nice little way to challenge ourselves.

I am guessing YYE doesn’t carry these due to the low cost and the other fact that these are readily available. I mean, we’re talking $5 for each(roughly) and another $5 to ship? It doesn’t make good sense in my opinion, especially considering most of these yoyos tend to go into the hands of beginners who unfortunately decide yoyo isn’t for them.

Now, step up to a ONE or WHIP or a Shinwoo Loop, at nearly twice the price of a Butteryfly or Imperial, it starts to make a bit more sense. People will also tend to buy things like string, lube and other parts at the same time to help make the shipping seem not such a big deal.

I bought mine at CVS.

At around $3 They’re one of those items that cost more to ship than to buy so most people will avoid buying them.

I remember the days of running to my local Walgreens down the street with my weekly allowance or money I found to snag butterflies, Imperials, Neos, and Midnight Specials…

Sadly, most stores don’t even seem to carry these anymore other than Toys R Us around here. Occasionally, Walgreens will have some but that’s it. Walmart stuck 'em in the bargain bin, apparently they aren’t profitable for them, as much as they stock Yomegas online…(Seems like Yomega’s beginning to sprout up everywhere, including on YYE…could be a good thing, especially if they land in bigbox stores like Target or Walmart.)

Yeah, they’re so cheap to begin with that walmart can’t beat up the supplier to make’em cheaper.


LOL, all these American stores that we don’t have up here in Canada make me wish we had all these awesome Duncan yoyo’s in Toys 'R Us. I remember I went shopping In America once and I went to the locan Toys 'R Us and saw they had all kinds of Duncan yoyo’s there that we didn’t have. All we sell is Yomega :frowning: Wich, in some cases is preaty awesome.

I’ve noticed through reading here that different countries have their own “values” as far as what they do and don’t stock. Seems if you really want to throw, especially in the middle east(two people are constantly on the IRC channel trying to get help with shipping), it costs too much to ship. Canada is “just next door” and isn’t a big deal as far as shipping.

I would have thought that Duncan, having such worldwide recognition for so long, would be readily available everywhere. But I was in for a big shock!

When I decided to throw, which was May of this year, I knew of Duncan and Yomega, but Duncan is the brand that stuck in my mind. Keep in mind I got a my first yoyo in 1978 and lost it a few months later in 1979 due to a string break and being scolded for breaking my toys… so it was a yoyo desert until May of this year when I decided to go at it again. I honestly hadn’t heard of any of the other brands until later in May, when I started watching yoyo tutorials and checking out yoyo forums and web sites. It’s a bit too much to take in not just the technology changes, but then the large number of brands, and then the number of models. Shapes, weights, materials… overload!

But, really, it seems that unless you’re in certain areas, yoyos aren’t going to be a common item to get. Where I am, there’s Toys R Us with Duncan, Yomega and some other brand. There’s one store that I think carries General Yo, but not very much of them. Another hobby store also carries Yomega and Duncan, but I can often get those for cheaper at YYE, even with the shipping.

It would be nice if at least basics were common. It just appears yoyo is very specialty, which would explain why most brands either sell direct or through the small number of QUALITY yoyo stores that operate largely via the internet and ship virtually everywhere. It’s really discouraging to want to get into something and then have to mail order everything.

Try taxidermy. :wink: