Metal Racer...

What are your guys’ thoughts on this? I’m not at all sure these are gonna sell, and not sure what Duncan was thinking…. lol

I’m curious what you guys think.

They’ll do about as well as the drifters.

I guess that’s a pretty reasonable prediction.

I feel like they are just a more update version of the Drifter. They remind me of the Vendetta.

They use silicone response, so I think it is a reasonable assumption to think that they can eventually become unresponsive. Whether they are good when they are unresponsive is another matter.

I think that it looks like a good yoyo I would buy one if I had more money and less yoyos.

I still think that it looks terrible compared to some of the stuff you can get today for 15 bucks. Would have to be priced reaaallly well for me to even consider getting one.

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I was actually holding one (in it’s “impossible to open” Duncan packaging) the other day. Looked cool but didn’t really look like anything special, just a high-walled Metal Drifter with a narrower gap. It did however remind me of the high walls on the Vendetta.

I think this is good for those who want to get their first yoyo though for not much more one can get a DV888 which I’m guessing plays more solid and a little bit more stable (never threw a Metal Racer so I can’t say much).

One of the cool things though is that this yoyo is customizable via the weight rings which it looks like something it could really benefit from) and the mod spacers giving it a lower wall.

I just picked one up at big5 today, mainly because I wanted the caps to put on a FHZ. The high walls and narrow gap make it a very challenging yoyo. Some yoyo stores advertised that it came with a concave in it, mine came with a flat one. I probably would have been better off spending $10 on the 2 pack of caps. I will still play the yoyo, it’s good to step out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself. Don’t buy it if your hoping to bust out your longest combos with it.

That’s exactly where I saw one the other day! I’m sure that gap could be widened with a standard C-size bearing. I noticed the DV888 I bought at B5 also had the slim C bearing in it. Glad though that these kinds of throws are becoming easily available to the general public as much as I would want to point anyone new to throwing to this site. Can guarantee though that say one picks up their new throw at their local big box store they’re going to look up tricks on Google and come across YYE anyway.

How’s the weight and stability feel on these? When you noted that it’s a bit more difficult to use, is it due to lack of stability and responsiveness? I may just stick with my Vendetta which is a little bit of a challenge as it’s definitely prone to snags thanks to the higher wall and narrower gap, coupled with my least favorite response systems.

“for double dragon, you want a yoyo with medium/high walls, so you can adjust the tilt easily if it goes off-center”

direct quote from this brain melter…

The shape make it looks sort of like a fixed axle.

I think yoyostudiollama’s version of the metal wheels will do much better. Karpediem if anyone is interested in looking it up but it’s significantly more expensive.