This contest video that made also had a lot of my new stuff that I thought I would share. Thanks for viewing, comments and subscribers are allways welcome.

Bump for my vid.

Really smooth and creative !!

Love where your style is going. Super consistent and good flow.

A bit of a tip on the filming though. You have a really wide angle on your set, which is understandable since some of your tricks are larger, but an issue here is that because our eyes are taking in so much of the scene itself, it gts distracting from the actual yoyoing. This is why players like Mikhail pull in so close for some of their tricks. Possibly might want to consider doing up close shots and wide angle, where you could splice together something for both.

Otherwise, nice stuff, thanks for sharing!


@ Jayyo

Thanks for the complements, I like where my style is going too, it is just wierd but I am starting to like it more and more. Hard to come up with good stuff though, none of it is ever good enough for me you know?

A lot of my tricks do move all over the place witch need the wide angle and some do stay closer to home so to speak and now that I look over some other videos I definitly see what you mean. That is some very good advice from someone who has had a ton of experience in that area. I will definitly take that into consideration for future videos. Your videos allways have the wow effect that is for sure and the angles are allways spot on. I have had a lot of trouble finding a good distance to include my whole self and the tricks and not be too big.


Thanks as well. I’m trying to not look like anyone else and still make my own tricks…and also trying to keep it somewhat smooth. I really like the newer stuff that you are putting out as well.

really nice man!

Great job!