I felt the hazmat seemed pretty succesful, and it is a great mid sized yoyo. There are so many possible names and ideas, and as i know, toxic is doing pretty well. I mean think about the possibilities, an under sized, an h shape, etc! Plus the theme of the company make the names for thw yoyo pretty easy to find. Wouldnt a toxic nuclear, dirty bomb, solvent, or bioagent sound pretty catchy?

So toxic, you guys should make another yoyo!

They don’t feel like it.

They need to make more BG1 Yellow Jackets so YYE can stock them. I bought a sample pack of Toxic strings, some YYSL Ammo strings, some Quick 13 custom strings, and some Kitty strings. The BG1 Yellow Jackets are the best string by far in my opinion. I would also give a shoutout to Quick 13 strings. They are very good also. The T13’s are the best strings for whips that I have used. If they were as thick as the BG1’s that would be the only string I would buy.

Actually from when I spoke to Evan, he made a mention of a possible Hazmat 2.0 sometime in the future.

But, they specialize in string. The manufacturing of yoyos is the secondary for their vision.

Only two people make string there and Evan is constantly busy with that and other things in life. He has also been doing a lot of prototying on string too.


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Zammy I thought you had a signature string coming out from Toxic?

Love the BG1’s and Quick 13 as well!

My current favourite is the P1 from Quick13. They don’t wear as long as I’d like (that’s the expected trade-off for the softness and pliability they have, though) but they do everything I want and are comfortable. Fired up an order for a stack of those, along with some T13x and P2, which I also like.

I felt as if I had to post this. Imagine a 45 mm wide Hazmat :o