Toxic Prime First Impressions

Ok, so since no one seems to really have an idea of what these are like, I thought I’d share what I’m seeing straight out of the box

First off: Length
Yeah guys, unfortunately it’s a bit too short for me. I’m 5’11.8" and it is just a tad over belly button length when attached to my Regen
So to give you an idea of what it is like compared to fat kitty, I brought some along with me to work today
What you see here is the used fat kitty, cut where I usually cut it and tie the loop; then we have Prime right out of the package, a brand new fat kitty, and a brand new nylon fat kitty.

Definitely the shortest, but not exactly a short string compared to someone of average height.

Just personally, I wish it were a couple of inches longer and not pre-tied. I suppose it saves me the hassle of cutting the string to the right length once my loop is formed, but I’d like to get the fat kitty length. Overall though, not a deal killer.
7.5/10 in terms of length and customizing it to your preferred length since you have to cut off a whole loop of string if you need to shorten it for some reason. This number will be lower if you are over 6 feet tall, I’d probably avoid this if you are over 6, if you are at or near 6 feet, take a stab.

Fatness is also an issue for me. This feels a few strands off of fat kitty. It is only just noticeably thinner, and so your binds need to be a little more tidy than you may be used to coming from fat kitty string. Again, doesn’t bother me too much, just not to my preference.

It is not as stiff as I like a new string to be either. THAT BEING SAID, I am a nylon/poly fan, so no standard bulk string really is. It is not bad, and I can land a plastic whip perfectly easy, but I’m not advanced enough to say anything about suicides or all of that. This one string I am playing feels a little loosely wound, nothing that bothers me, just noticing it.

Really the string plays well, and the new feeling seems to be lasting a tad longer than normal fat kitty. Would I buy it again? Maybe if fat kitty was out of stock. Fat Kitty strings are $2 more, but they are exactly what I want in a string, maybe they could last a bit longer, but hey, can’t have it all.

Over all, a subjective and well earned 7/10. I’d say buy it to try it, and you will like it, you will just wish it were longer and fatter (maybe a bit stiffer if you are like me) depending on if you like fat strings, or are as tall or taller than I am. I’m glad to have them, just wishing I had saved the pocket change to order some bulk fat kitty now.

Just got mine in a few days ago too and you already beat me to a review of it after I noticed no one else has yet hehe.

I agree with everything you said except I don’t think it lasts any longer than Fat Kitty. It isn’t quite as good for slacks as Fat Kitty for me but still good enough to pull off a Brent Stole here and there. I do like how it doesn’t bind as easily so it slides through most double on’s without any accidental binding going on.

But the deal breaker is that it’s too short for me too at about an inch shorter. If anyone is interested, I’ll probably put up a BST and sell half of em 10 at a time for the same cost + a stamp. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just opened them up today, so I don’t have a very good idea of how the string acts over time, but the new feeling seems to be holding up longer than fat kitty, I guess I should change the wording to reflect what I meant.

Kitty string is $14.50?

my bad, I seemed to remember them being less expensive for some reason

They raised the prices last year.