First off I have a goal to learn as much as possible in this style. My start is learning off of Jensen Kimmit’s video “just chillin”. For those of you who do not know what this style is, it is a style where you use two strings tied together then burn the knot to stay still,and then have the slip knot around your bicep. It is very helpful that YYF makes super long string which is literally to perfect for this style. Right now I can do basic binds and easy tricks. At the end of the month I will post a video of my progress. Wish me luck and if anyone has any other videos or tricks that are good in this style please post here.

Good luck! But’s it’s spelled “Tourniquet”…

Hmm, never heard of people doing it with two strings tied together, that would lead to many many snags…

Yeah I have YYF super long string, but before that was out it is how you played


I never heard of doing Tourniquet that way! Thanks for the info!

Your welcome it is weird at first to bind and land a trapeze

In one of Jensen’s older videos, he was talking about setting up tourniquet, and he used two strings that he melted together with a lighter.

I was always curious as to the point of tourniquet. What exactly can you do differently? I always assumed that the difference was that the yoyo wasn’t attached to your TH. Besides a few tricks in a couple Jensen vids, I haven’t really seen any tricks where the yoyo needs the tourniquet setup

It lets for more slack tricks, and easily involved body tricks that’s what i have been doing with it. Or if you like having more room to work then its fun. Also I haven’t been doing it long enough to find anything yet. All the tricks can be done in 1a, but just easier to work with in tourniquet

The last part of this trick requires tourniquet setup

Thank you for showing me this I’ll work on learning it just might take a bit he isn’t to descriptive.

I dont know how to get the long string. I tried burning the strings together but it did not work.

You can buy super long string from YYF. and i think you’re supposed to melt the strings, not burn them.

The video showed Jensen tying the strings together, cutting off the extra finger loop and THEN melting the remaining string into the new knot to keep it from breaking.

No burning of string.

I haven’t tried but i know you burn them together with a lighter I’ll try it and see how it works out