tourniquet style yoyo string

Does anybody know how to make a tourniquet style yoyo string? please help!!!

The same way you make a regular string, only with more thread.

what about melting strings together?

Never heard of that, but then I lead a sheltered life.

Learn how to twist your own string, then just twist a lot of it to make really long string.

Nice way to have a stiff spot and weak point.

It’s better to either buy the proper strings or simply make your strings twice as long.

It’s not as bad as you’d think, though I’m with you that it’s better to make a whole string if you can.

Jensen made a video on how to do it but I can’t find it.

But how you do it is you tie two Polyester strings together and the cut off the excess, after that pull it tight and take a lighter to the knot to melt it a bit (Shouldn’t take more then a solid second.) so the knot won’t come undone.

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