What is it? I have heard you need extra long string. Can someone show me a video?

It’s a style (I believe) was invented by jensen kimmitt. You put the slipknot around your bicep, like one would a tourniquet.


KA style of yo-yoing invented by Mr. Jensen Kimmitt. An example would be here.
I think you can use extra long string but I am not sure.
EDIT: I just tried some tourniquet with Standard Kitty and it was too short. I would buy some extra long string:)

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Yeah sure the video is called “Jensen Kimmitt-How to be too faded to talk about stuff coherently”
Fyi you need a lighter and two strings for this.

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spin your own string. You could make it 20 feet if you felt so inclined.

not really or you could do it with YYF extra long string. That’s what I use

ive wondered about this do you have any links you could send me on it?

Xelala the guy who owns xcube made a tutorial on making string. Here it is.
“how to make a yoyo string by xela”
Theres other videos but this one make more sense. all the other ones though dont explain well, sometime not even tell you how to do it.

it’s actually really easy to make string.

That’s basically what I do. Except the nail I use is in my wall as opposed to on a board. And I tie a knot at both ends after twisting the string so I don’t have to worry about it untwisting and having to start over.
How many threads you use, and how long you twist it is all up to you. I generally go back and forth 6 times, or 12 total strands.
And any hook-like thing will work. I use a bent close hanger.