Tour De Bogor

video of me and my friends doing yoyo around bogor.
what do you think?

anyone? :slight_smile:

Which one were you??

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Finally a reply.
Thanks a lot rookieyo.
I hope you like the vid.

Which one are me?
Im the one on mayer’s office using my virus.
Im quite old dont you think?

Btw, how do you think using an indonesian song on vid?
Cause everybody on here (well, most of them if not all) using english.
Is this somewhat bad?

Which one??
With what clothes??

And about the song…
Yeah… I think it’s a little bit weird…
No offense…

There’s a lot of song in english…
And maybe it’ll sound better…
Or you could just use the instrumental song or something like that…

Im the one with white shirt.

Well, im also think thats kind of wierd.
My friend love it with indonesian song, but for international release, maybe english would stick up better.

In my next vid, i will use general language.

nice job.

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I will make another video in the near future.