last video for a while

damn, you’re really good man. and awesome song choice :D. i give it a 4.8/5. some of the shots were hard to see the string and stuff, but other than that. it was one of my favorites :smiley:

thnx your very nice

no offence but your a nice guy but learn to spell video not viedo

ha you went from atomic bomb to something i don’t know the name for

You too dude its offense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please take into consideration that people can make type-os. You can’t bash on the like that.

sorry just saying and whats funny about that trick

I liked that you did not use a rap song in this video.

He’s from India and its his first post on this forum, maybe his english isn’t perfect.

Way to make him feel welcome.

dude im sorry

Dude, he’s from India. And his English isn’t that bad compared to some other american people on these forums if you think about it. Just saying.

That was awesome. Great tricks. :slight_smile:


He already apologized.