reptar, a short video

(jared) #1

well today i decided to shoot a video, sooo here it is.


pretty good…not really original though

(DOGS) #3

that was really good!

(jared) #4



very nice dude, glad youre liking the 5150

(jared) #6

yeah im thinkig of making a video for my grind thingwere i turn my hand aroun, it so good for grinds : )




Wow! When I saw the misspelling in the title, I though “oh snap, just another noob” but I was so wrong!

You’r style is very nice. Not ‘unoriginal’ at all! Keep it up!


(jared) #9

He broke a rule. and thanks jump! By the way what did I spell wrong? haha im not the best speller :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, you’re getting a lot better. Keep it up!!

Happy Throwing! =]


Nice job, big guy.


(jared) #13

haha thanks!

Thank you!


I love your style! Nice vid!