I think Marisa plays less like the other two than they do like each other, so I’ll definitely need more practice to get to where I can 1cc with her. Her speed is my favourite I think, though; her unfocused speed (and lower point of collection) makes item collection much easier, and her focused speed is still slower than Sakuya for a little better control. Her bombs play much differently, though. MarisaB’s bombs can eat through just about any spell card, but you only get 2 per life, so you can’t use them to save yourself from mistakes or from getting yourself trapped as much.

Good luck with your no bomb runs. I can’t imagine going through EoSD without them.


Yeah I may get into her more if I can get a better hold on her speed. I like the perks I just gotta figure them out.

Yeah it’s not too bad I just need to practice my weak points like this part…

Makes me feel better that they needed two bombs and didn’t get the spell card on that.


That video makes me realize I must never have gotten to Patchouli with Reimu, because I don’t recognize that spell.  Or maybe I just never used that shot type; I think Patchy might have different spells for each shot type and not just each character?  I forget which it is.

I 1cc’d Perfect Cherry Blossom with Marisa today, which is faster than I thought I would.  I switched from MarisaB to MarisaA, and I think that helped.  MarisaB’s bomb power helps a lot with getting through Yuyuko and a couple of Youmu’s tougher attacks, but it’s really overkill for anything else.  I found MarisaA’s higher shot power was a better trade-off for having only two bombs per life.  I barely made it through (I was on my last life with no bombs left), but I did set my high score and captured 13 cards, which I think is my new personal best for PCB.

Here’s a piano arrangement of Yuyuko’s theme to celebrate:


Nice you made me want to try that run again and I got passed that attack with 1 death. Though it could just have been luck. xD


Nice, getting down to one death on a tough spell with no bombs shows you’re getting there. Keep at it and you’ll get through the game eventually.


Thanks for the encouragement (I need it). I feel today is going to be a Touhou day.

Edit: made it through the forth practice mode. Almost made it past that attack pattern with out dying but I died and then died a second time because I had yet to gain my composure…




Well if we’re making a list then Ninja Gaiden and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #50

Lalala… Megaman.


Trace, have you tried the fixes listed here for your framerate issue in EoSD?  If not, it might be worth a try:

Also, nice work getting through stage 4.

Megaman 2 completely owned me when I was a kid.  It doesn’t help that the games start hard and get a little easier as you collect more weapons, so it took forever just to make any progress at all.  I’ve also tried this game and never beaten a level.  Something about Megaman gameplay is just beyond my grasp.

Speaking of manliness and Touhou:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #52

Megaman two was my favorite one! I never could beat it. :confused:


I tried a bit just now but it’s obviously requires more brain power then I’ve got at this hour.


Touhou day I can feel it…


I tried running EoSD on Mac, and ended up getting it to work using the xrandr trick.  This is assuming you get the right framerate in window mode, and it just goes too fast in fullscreen.  To get it to work, I had to run both commands (xrandr and wine) on the same line, with xrandr first.  It basically runs the game in window mode, but forces the window to take up the full screen.  The following is the terminal command I used copy/pasted:

xrandr -s 640x480 ; wine th06e.exe

Also, after exiting the game, I was stuck with a black screen and had to use the keyboard shortcut to reset the xrandr resolution instead of typing the command (cmd+alt+a, maybe cntrl+alt+a in linux?).  It told me what the keyboard shortcut was when I changed the resolution.

I’m not sure if that will work the same way on Linux, but hopefully it helps.


Hardest game on the NES


No dice… =/

It changed the res and launched it up still at 70ish FPS.

(Also how does anyone play it that small?)


Ah, sorry. It was going well into the hundreds on FPS in fullscreen mode on my computer, so I guess it’s a different problem.

The nVidia fix didn’t do anything to my framerate, but it did make fullscreen less glitchy (it would crash in fullscreen before doing this), so it might help if you have an nVidia graphic driver? Terminal command:

export __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1

I don’t think that will do anything if your graphics aren’t from nVidia, though. Also, can you run the game’s custom_e.exe program? There is an option that you can check to force 60 FPS. I don’t think it is 100% reliable, but it might help. You might also try changing the option for “Draw interval: Every frame (normal) / 1/2 / 1/3” to see if that changes anything.

There is a V-sync patch that is supposed to make the controls a bit more responsive, but I’ve read that they can also help with fullscreen issues. It sounds like it might have an effect similar to the nVidia fix, so that might be an option to try as well.

P.S. I forgot to mention earlier, that Cirno sidecap is pretty cool.


Okay so I already had GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1 so I went and did the Patch and that didn’t fix the FPS but made they made my controls better (You could say that EotSD was Highly Responsive to Keystrokes). Then I tried changing the Refresh rate and it fixed on 1/3 but was unplayable then I change it back to default and now it’s capped all proper at 60. xD

I’ll take it and not question it. I forgot to mention that my frames used to be capped at 60 in full screen before but one day it went up even though I didn’t change any settings. >__>

But any how thanks a bunch for your help.


Good to hear you’ve got it working properly. That should help make getting through the game a bit more manageable.

I love the Touhouvania portraits. Even though I’m not really a Castlevania fan, the Touhou-related sprites/art for the crossover games is great.


Hopefully. xD

Yeah I like Castlevania games I’ve played like 7 or so of them only beat a few though. xD I want to finish Symphony of the Night but I’ll have to move and unpack first. =/