Problem what problem?

Found a great artist think they go by “Ideolo”.

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Anyone else love the fan made touhou music? :smiley:


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Haha ,I love it!


I had forgotten about ideolo. He/she does have good stuff. When I saw your Youmu wallpaper in the other thread, it reminded me that I had this as my wallpaper for a while:

And yeah, I love a lot of the fan-made covers too. There’s such a wide variety of it, so it’s easy to find something you’ll like.

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IOSYS makes surprisingly good music.  The videos are so saturated, especially if you are also reading the subtitles, I didn’t really notice until I heard the songs on their own (IOSYS also makes more traditional arrangements, but I think most people hear them first through the videos).

Found this guitar arrangement of Eirin’s and Kaguya’s themes today:

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I finally finished Legend of the Scarlet Devil!

Was a two continue run though…


Congrats, it’s tough to get to that first clear, even with continues.

EDIT: Coincidentally, I also just cleared EoSD. I finally gave in and applied the vsync patch, and the improved controls helped a lot. I didn’t do too well capturing spell cards, but at least I made it through.


I’ve been playing a a little bit but I’m going to for sure play tonight. (I’ve been busy papercrafting since I got new paper. :slight_smile: )


I’ve been making good progress just need to tighten up on stage 3 and practice stage 6 a lot. xD


Meiling’s last two spell cards always give me trouble.

The late stages of EoSD are really hard to practice, because EoSD gives you so few lives in practice mode. If you are not using bombs in practice mode either, it would take a lot of work to be able to even see Remilia’s or Sakuya’s later spell cards at all, let alone learn how to do them. Scarlet Netherworld in particular really gets me; I just bomb through it even in practice mode because right now it kills me too quickly to learn anything.

Sakuya’s spells actually give me more trouble than Remilia’s I think, other than Remilia’s have more health, so Sakuya’s don’t eat through your resources as much when you mess up.


Yeah I have yet to get past Scarlet Netherworld in practice. I can almost finish stage 5 in practice if I do it right. I can’t wait to see the last spell cards of Remilia.


My first Extra clear. It’s quite a rush to see the final attack go into slowdown mode right before it clears, especially when you are out of resources. I missed both of Chen’s cards and one of Ran’s that I normally have a decent chance of capturing, but I was able to use my bombs more effectively and not waste hits this time. Which I guess is always the biggest key for me when playing Touhou.

In other news, apparently ZUN is making his first American appearance this September at Anime Weekend Atlanta.


Nice once I beat one of these games I’ll have to try the extras out.

Getting really close to doing it. I tried playing on Hard with bombs and made it to past Scarlet nether World and died on some attack that I had no time to read. xD

I still kind of want to beat it on a normal no bomb run first though.


I think PCB’s extra stage is easier than the rest because it has two extras (Extra and then Phantasm), so the first one is toned down a bit.

I haven’t played EoSD above Normal, but I’ve heard Remilia’s last couple spells get much harder on Hard/Lunatic than they are on Normal. Her penultimate spell card isn’t that bad on Normal, but supposedly some people think it is the hardest card in the series on the higher difficulties. I think Remilia is also more random than most bosses, so if you get unlucky it can get pretty hard. The attack after Scarlet Netherworld is pretty simple on Normal, so you probably won’t need to worry too much about that. I’m pretty sure it’s slower than the higher difficulties, and all you really have to do is read the initial opening for each wave.


Yeah I got to Remilia on hard and thought her attacks were a lot more difficult.

I’ve given up on no bomb runs for now and am instead playing on hard with bombs. I really enjoy the attack patterns of hard mode.


actually I’ve been wanting to try Touhou which one would you recommend starting with and if you could point me towards a site I can download it at that would be great.