Tough buying decisions: Round 2 Cascade OR XCon Pro and Hitman X

Alrighty, this round i’ve completely change my thinking. I’m thinking of going all out and buying a high end aluminium throw, bulk strings and thats all she wrote. Or perhaps buying the Hitman X, XCon Pro and bulks strings in order to get closer to finishing my JD collection. The thing is I find major appeal in a yoyo that will perform well, and will become my main throw, it seems the Cascade might do this for me. On the other hand the XCon Pro might also do this, on top of that is my eagerness to collect JD’s signatures’.

XCon Pro: I’d love to have opinions on both the Cascade and this throw. If it plays anything like the Hitman Pro I would be happy to buy it. I like the small throws and in my experience my the HM Pro i’ve found it to be solid and smooth on the string. I recently copped an original XCon which I love to use, however it feels hollow and lacking in solidness? Not to say its liquid like but if the XCon Pro is like a more solid, smaller heavier XCon that would be great.

Cascade: I’d really love to hear how this plays in comparison with the Hitman Pro and XCon pro. I’m thinking of the getting the blood splatter colourway, along with red spike SE’s. I’m also new to OneDrop throws, I was looking to get the MarkMont Next since its also a smaller throw only to find it isn’t an option due to its absence in the stock department.

So it would be great to hear some opinions on these throws and any comparisons if possible, i’ve heard people say that the XCon Pro is the best YYJ to date? Anyone with Cascade experience i’d love to hear from you, i’m siding towards getting one and joining the OneDrop club since i’ve only got YYJ’s (besides my old Duncans’ and a Buzz on yoyo). Thanks guys! Have a happy new year!

Cascade is my preference since I dislike bimetal yoyojams all together. Would still go for an irony jp 2k13 over the cascade but both are very different and very nice yoyos. All of onedrops stuff is very nice and the cascade is very different from the rest with it’s more organic shape. I also like how it’s undersized.