Totally relevant yoyo related question

Hey, so uhhhhh

What does a lego head weigh?

I don’t have a scale that can measure things in grams. I have one that can measure grains, but it’s buried in the rest of my ammunition stuff and I don’t like doing that conversion :slight_smile:

2.7 grams

not the lego SEs, the actual little yellow heads

Oh! …haha… My bad. I have no idea. Sorry.

I looked it up for you. It’s 0.54 grams.

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Thank you! I tried looking it up, but couldn’t find anything.

You’re welcome.

lego head hubstacks? cw bead?

Maybe light SE?

Just thinkin. Legos are the 2nd lightest SE, but if you put the heads on it changes them from 2.7 to 3.8. That’s almost as heavy as a Code 1.

Then you could put hats on the heads. That would make it weigh more depending on the hat.

true, but the hats make them stick out the sides of a code 2, and i’m sure a code 1 as well.
maybe the cascade would take it well though, I don’t have one :confused:

I’ll tell you how they play with varying amounts of legos on various common one drops, when I get mine.

I was thinking about building huge structures on the sides haha.