Buying Side Effects

Hey guys I got a free Dang from JD(who is now up there with Elvis Presley for that) for making the slogan of his online yoyo store and while I really like it but it needs more heft. I really want to use Lego Side Effects but not sure on the weight of the ones for sale here. Also, are stunt pegs worth it? They seem pretty cool, but I havent seen them in any stores. Could someone tell me the weight of both side effects on a Dang? Thanks in advance and if you have any other recommendations Im open to suggestions

Yeah i like my Dang with aluminum domes. Just a wee bit more weight.
Here’s a link for all the weights of the side effects:

and the base weight of the Dang is 60.5 grams, so all you do is add the weight of whatever side effects you chose and you got your weight!!
Hope this helps!

Does anybody know what kind of Side Effects are the Legos here on YYE? Brass or aluminum?

They are aluminum. They have yellow ones in stock here at YYE. It says “yellow legos” and they are aluminum.