What things should I get with $155?

A yoyo?

i would get a p2

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I can think about that…

a new best friend? what do you know, that is exactly how much my friendship cost. jk. :stuck_out_tongue:
i would get some of the new yoyos like the boss and counter attack and such, and a bunch of accessories.

Not much of a yyf guy…

Nobody mentioned a YYF yoyo.

Try a CLYW, and get a lot of strings, some lube, etc…

Jack Wiggin did:

Dang, gm beat me to it. Oh well.

Oh you totally owned me.

a pure. theres a new edition on YYN!!!

Wedgie at OneDrop.

New breed with gold bearing? What about that?

Go to the BST threads of any forum and use it wisely.
You can get so many good deals.
I have a few yoyos for sale, if you are interested, pm me.

  • YYJ Hitman
  • Bape hoodie
  • Clothing as well :smiley:
  • Food :smiley:
  • And the rest I’ll save them.


how much r gold bearings?
i love the new breed though

$12 plus shipping but many have said they aren’t very good and the gold coat wears off fast.

if they were fast get a kk mine dose 30 seconds on a flick

doesn’t matter if the paint wears off, but you can’t clean the bearing.

Don’t get a gold bearing, they’re known to get shot in short amount of times.