I’ve been throwing for a while and haven’t really found a yoyo I have fell in love with. I was thinking maybe trying an 888, I hear they are a good “competition throw”, don’t really know what that means I’m guessing reliability. But I really like grinding and I think that seperates the throws I have from my ideal yoyo, Any suggestions on a good bigger diameter throw that is suitable for string tricks yet grinds like a god?

Try a code 2. They’re light weight, decent size, and very smooth. I just got one earlier this week and I love it!

I’ve got a code 2 and its a great yoyo but its pretty poopy when it comes to grinding

unless It’s a nickel plated Code2, you just need to learn to grind better. the Code 2 is a better grinder than the 888, one of the better grinders I’ve tried. unless It’s nickel plated of course, then i still wouldn’t suggest an 888. i would get a drop bear. the best grinder I’ve ever used, and an amazing yoyo.

What about the punchline repeater how does it play/ grind?

Take a look at the SPYY Dynamo, it’s a beast at grinding and is bigger than the 888. It is quite different from the 888 but it’s an awesome yo, I definitely reccommend it!

very well, about the same as the Code 2

The 888 was a good competition throw years ago, or at least I assume it was since it was used to win the world championship 5 years ago. Yoyo design has developed somewhat since then and although the 888 still has its fans I doubt many would consider it a top competition throw today. It’s also undersized which means it has a smaller diameter.