Thinking about getting a new throw and noticed there are some new ones for the 85 dollar range. Liked the yukksta but do you think i should save up 20 more bucks? Whats your favorite yoyo for that price range and why.

we all have different preferences, blah blah blah, end usual rant about how we cant help you…

pick what you think is coolest.

I don’t think he is a complete newb CarlG. I will write this as if you have enough experience to know what you are looking for.

I personally think you should save up a bit more and wait. VsNYYC and CLYW are coming out with some new (old) products soon. Also Anti-Yo and One Drop are coming out with some new throws in the future.

If you get a new product when they first come out you can determine if you like it or not and take advantage of the hype by trading it for money or something you do like quite easily.

If you don’t want to wait. May I suggest a 54 or Code 1 depending on what shape you like? The side effect system should help keep you happy for a while by changing the way the yoyo plays.

As always I will also suggest a Superstar. My personal Favorite.

I’d recommend the String Theory Quark. It’s super stable, very long spinning and one of THE MOST comfortable feeling yoyos in the hand currently on the market. It’s currently at $83.99 on YYExpert too. Not so long ago I bought it when it was at $99.00 so right now it’s a really good deal for a really really good undersized throw.

I’d go out and buy a brand clean rockstar 2012


why do u like this better than the genisis, super g, or catalist

how is the BOSS compared to these

The Boss is a great throw. Just like an 888 without stacks. Essentially.

The genesis is 85 and it’s amazing.

i really liked the yuuksta. because of its smoothness through its tricks.
you would still have money left.
get extra accessories. so if something gets worn out or messed up you will have extra accessories to fix it. also you should get the multi tool by yoyofactory! :slight_smile: