good yoyo

i have $75 to spend on a yoyo what should i get

If I were you i would 100 strings and a yuuksta its one of the best yoyos around basically an undersized genesis

Try out some throws first, decide what size and shape you like. If undecided buy inexpensive to help make up your mind. You can always sell or trade what doesn’t fit you style. Good luck. BST is good for that.

You’re asking the same thing twice but in two price brackets. $75 + 15 = $90. Save up $10 and go for One Drop stuff!

Firedog. Best. Yoyo. EVAR.

Just for the yoyo, I’d suggest a 3YO3 Volume or Accent, it makes doing string tricks like you’ve got training wheels on.

I would get a yuuksta, best throw ever! Really stable 4 mins spin time does not get any better for 65$$

Alright so I l