Please do not ask for free yo-yos through our web forum.
It is not polite or professional to do so. We realize some people do not have as much money as others but this does not make asking for free yo-yos on the forum appropriate. If someone offers free yo-yos then you can reply but please do not start a separate post asking. Thanks!

[s]for those Yo-Yo’ers have kind heart…=]
and who does Yo-Yo’ers who’s theyre YO-YO’s are “flooding”.(many)

please give me some. =(

I WANT TO PLAY YO-YO!. (Especially 1A)

the reason i dont have yoyo. ↓

  • no yoyos sell here (like duncan, YYJ, YYF) just china yoyos. no for-competition ones.:frowning:
  • no credit card.paypal. likt that thingy’s. :frowning:

were just POOR.

so please.

can i have one? (serious).

just chat with me in my yahoo messenger if you want to donate.(yehey! ;D) -[/s]

Do you have a speedmaker?

Thats a good enough yoyo. Sorry dude, I would send you a yoyo if i had enough yoyos and money, but i don’t :frowning:

I would but but i dont really have anything I can give right now, sorry.