Topic Change: Syzygy or Draupnir

I have narrowed down to these two. Which would you get? I’m leaning towards the Syzygy because it’s cheaper and I want it more.

There’s very little demand for this yoyo especially considering how heavy of a yoyo it is. I wouldn’t expect more than $60 for a mint one.


Pretty drastic topic change but I’d take the draupnir anyday over the syzygy due to the way it plays

draupnir hands down

I too would take the draupnir, for I have heard it described as " the best yoyo in the known universe".

lol then just get the one you want more…

The shapes are just so totally different, a fair comparison cannot be drawn up.

I have the IO and that’s really growing on me. If I ever had money during one of YYE’s latest awesome sales, I would try to get a Sysygy for myself. I’m not sure about the Draupnir only because I’ve failed to do any research on it. I’ve got other YYR’s(Sliepnir and Dreadnaught) and I’m pleased with the brand.

I would take a Draupnir over a bucket or Syzygys

Draupnir any day.

Why don’t you just start a new topic?
Makes more sense than having a question and a bunch of unrelated answers following it.