Top 5 mounts?

(Erik) #1

Ok… This is a poll of sorts… What 5 mounts would you learn and in what order? For the sake of discussion, I’d say 1st should be Brain Twister mount, then Split bottom. Those are probably the easiest to learn and lead into some cool tricks.

If you were teaching someone, where would you take them for the next three?


Braintwister, Trapeze, Double or Nothing, Split Bottom Mount, then Trapeze and His Brother. And One and a Half Mount.

Maybe Trapeze first, but I think that order is good.


under, over, split bottom, trapeze, double or nothing, trapeze and his brother, 1 and a half, houdini, wrist, ladder


Thumb or Chopstick mount ,Split the bottom mount, Wrist mount,
1 and a half mount, Side-style Mach 5 mount. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]


trapeze, brain twister, double or nothing, backwards trapeze, split bottom, gun mount. thats what i teach in that order.


What is a backward trapeze and a gun mount?