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Just posting another new vid of Artem Sadriev’s. He’s amazing.

That was great! Thanks for sharing it.

Love how he can’t help but grin at the end of every combo. :wink:

Yeah, he does the grin thing all the time.

Great video!! Will be looking for more from this player

He has awesome tricks! So smooth! Only thing I have to say is that I really dislike when people put string on that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love this. Video should be called “Grinds, grabs, and Grins”

Wow that was neat! Great grinds!

Yeah, I never understood why people do it that way.

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what way?

When they unscrew the yoyo in order to add string.

oh yeah. I try not to do that for as long as I can with a brand new throw.

That string is ridiculously long and it kills me to see him unscrew that chief to put the string on, gasp!* smooth moves!

I unscrew my yoyo every time I put a string on it.

Have I been doing it wrong?

not wrong, a lot of people do it that way, but it wears out the axle a bit to unscrew it all the time.


There’s just a much easier, less risky way of doing it. Repeated screwing and unscrewing of the yoyo can wear down the axle and the axle holes. Plus, the more you unscrew it, the greater your chance of accidentally cross-threading.

what’s cross threading??

That was great. Good job.

When the axle twists in the wrong direction, and strips the axle or the hole.