Riggs Tower - Yoyo Tutorial


Hey everyone :slight_smile: Here’s a little tutorial I made for a trick my friend Slade Riggs taught me. Such a cool tower trick. Definitely one of my favorites :wink: If you see Slade here on the forum be sure to give him a thank you or something for the great trick! Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:


Wow Alex!
That was a really cool trick :smiley:


Super cool, but I like it when the “tower” part sticks for a few seconds so that you can say “aha! Tower!” and marvel in its glory.


Awesome trick, gonna have to go learn it. What yoyo was that?


I can’t get threw my pointer and thumb and land it on a first string. I have a very small hand. Nice trick though


I special yo-yo :wink: ;D


Where can one buy this “I special” yoyo?