Attack the Slack Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Tutorial. This is just part of the trick. The rest it too long and complicated. Anyway, I made up the trick, and hope you guys like learning my trick! :slight_smile:

~James Reed

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Awesome tutorial! Nice.

I like your Vortex trick thing too!

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awesome trick. I discovered the double or nothing tower a couple of weeks ago by mistake. I was trying the cloverfield trick and misssed a string hit, then I ended up with a double or nothing tower sweeet!! :slight_smile:

Ha, nice! :slight_smile:

Just one question. What did the slack ever do to you?

It hurt me both phyisicaly and emotionally… :stuck_out_tongue:

for some reason when i get to the tower part the towers leg connected to my throw hand is twisted ???

Practice makes perfect. Just keep on looking at the video, and try to get it down. :wink: