Slack Eiffel Tower Tricks

I am looking for some Slack to Eiffel Tower type tricks that Janos does, but possible a more simple version or just a completely different trick. I am looking for something a little bit easier than the ones Janos does, I can not figure those out yet.

So, what would be good for me?

That’s a rather difficult question because slack towers are semi-uncommon. However, you can find an Eiffel tower and maybe try to find a way to slack into it.

I beg to differ.

Slack towers are very common in my opinion. If there was any reason for them to be uncommon it would be because they don’t score very well as the yoyo is generally not moving in slack-tower-type tricks/pictures tricks in general because the string is just morphing and the yoyo is just sitting there (Learned this from a 5+ years experienced judge.) Janos’ picture combos score well because they involve lots of tech, but this is all aside the point.

I would look at terra yoyo tutorials or st. Petersburg yoyo tutorials for a slack tower type trick. They literally have loads of yoyo tutorials and I would not be surprised if they have multiple different tricks involving slack towers.

A Fun one is Mrmatio’ Slack cross armed Tower. So cool and quite easy. Look up Mrmatio and click his channel. Got to his playlist named Tutorials. Look for cross armed tower.

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Ky Zizan is the original inventor of the slack eiffel tower (@1:54)

Matt Kolbrener also does one in this video:

I meant easy slack towers.

Maybe a link?

Lol, sorry about that!
in the start i did very simple slack to triple tower

That was really cool man.

Zorro, I saw your FS for your contest and you had a tower trick in there. All you have to do is once you are at the tower part of your trick just pinch at the base of the tower and let go of all other grabs besides the pinch at the base and the tower should slack. Hope that makes since haha

Yes, I actually do two in the same trick, but the second one did not show to well.

I did a Ladder Mount Eiffel Tower thing that I made up, followed my a Mach Whip to Houdini, then did Airport (thus the second Eiffel Tower), and then missed the cool dismount.

Yes, that makes sense. I will have to try that.

Yeah i was thinking about the ladder escape one. It was cool man!

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pallis strwberry ironing board is pretty good IMO.  It even has a colapsing tower. :slight_smile:


@ski4dayz My GT at the end keeps giving me a knot at the end whether I hop out the back or the front. What am I doing wrong?

@ski4dayz just made up my one variation. No need to assist. :wink:

I have a simple slack tower I think I made up…maybe.
I haven’t filmed it but I’ll try to put it into words…

  1. Trapeze
  2. Curl your NTH index towards you
  3. Insert TH index into loop around NTH index
  4. Slide your NTH down the string and pinch close to the yoyo with your palm facing up between your index and thumb
  5. Swing yoyo clockwise over your NTH while removing your TH index from the loop
  6. Catch the resulting slack with your TH index
  7. Display tower

Let me know if you can get this at all haha. I’ve never made a video but I might make one for this trick someday.