thnks! :smiley:

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

Awesome video man!!! :o


Great vid! ;D


Amazing, very smooth, you are an awesome player.


gee thnks guys! glad you like it! :slight_smile:



i really liked that vid :D! i wanted to know it their was a tutorial for that bind you did of trapeeze, i tryied to just look at it but your hand was off screen and could not see what you were doing. also, on a bit of a tangent, how do you do the vertical bind, where it the yo comes strait down out of the air into the hand. it was done once in the video.


Very good vid. You’re very smooth. Also you have same colour PGM as me. ;D


Nice video. Solid tricks there. I did notice that you don’t do breakaways? I know a few people that do that but oh well. Cool man.


you are the 1st one who noticed it. well its true that im a fron thrower but i can do sideways compulsary. front throwing is my strong side although this makes the tricks 2x harder because of the spin.

you cant do that unless you are throwing or strating front throws. :wink:


ok, so whats it called then? is thier a vid tut on it?