Too good of a yoyo?

So recently it has come to my attention that a yoyo can be too good. I had an Arctic circle a while back. It was the “best” yoyo I had owned. Did everything perfect. Spun for super long, was ridiculously stable, hit strings when and where I wanted it to. Pretty much everything about it was great for me, even the color. There was something about it that i just couldn’t get over. I didn’t know what at the time. I finally realized that it just felt “too good”. It didn’t feel very fun to use because I felt like it was doing the work for me. I didn’t have to put any extra effort into using it, like you do with most plastic yoyos and other cheaper yoyos. I was wondering if you guys have ever felt the same.

Yea the Artic Circle definitely has that feel to it. I had one and it was amazing. Some throws just have that feeling. Some need you to learn how it plays. All in all it’s fun.

I love playing with my stack less grind machine for a little bit, them take out metal to have some fun.

Yoyo’s are so stable, it makes it a lot easier for the player to learn to tricks, thus keeping the hobby longer compared to if the only thing we had was a fixed axle.

Try brain twister on a butterfly, then do it in on a bearing throw and see that difference!

I play plastics a lot it just feels like a nice change.

Well I’m glad you enjoyed it. I kinda regret trading it to the person I did, but thinking about it now, I kinda indirectly affected your throwing life. Sorta cool… Or maybe not xD

Arctic Circle ridiculously stable?

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The AC is stinking great, but in my opinion, it’s not too stable.

The narrower gap causes it to lose some stability after a long combo. But once you learn how it works. It’s just like lasdkfj;alsdkfjlas;df.

That’s what I’d say.

I guess I could see where you’re coming from. Eh, still didn’t feel overly stable to me. Eh.

Love my AC plan on getting another at some point

I think it is more stable than a chief…

freq wav is perfect in every way except thumb grinds which i rarely do anyway.

well i play a lot of fixed axel and plastic. So compared to those the arctic circle is a dream haha. I’d like to keep one at some point. For now im just trying to get my hands on anything popular or unique.

If it were slightly lighter, it would be perfect!

Azznboyaz and I classify this as personality, The Artic Circle and Positron in particular had that “perfect/effortless” feeling, and rightfully classified as having a dull personality.

I can agree entirely with this in a sense.

I own a 2012 ILYY Fury. It’s probably one of those throws that just doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and to me it is just, well, perfect! That being said, it is also my favorite throw, and I do not throw it very often. I like to hone my skills with a throw I have less of an investment in. I know, they’re meant to be played blah blah, and I’ve dinged my fair share of yoyos already, but honestly it kinda feels like a “Too good” yoyo.

I’ll practice on others, and then once I get new tricks down, I give it a throw, and everything just seems to connect just that much easier.

On the other hand, maybe it just feels “Too good” because it fits everything in your preferences. Maybe you’re so used to just picking up a yoyo and seeing how you fair with it that finding a perfect throw just doesn’t feel right. Similarly, such a throw could change the way you learn and entirely change how you see yoyoing.

A yoyo that I think is scary-perfect is the DreamYo Lion.
I own two and am never getting rid of them. When they were mint, I had some KK bearings installed in them and one of them was so inconceivably smooth that, combined with it’s perfect balance and speed, was the greatest thing God had ever created.

Ehhhh… I don’t ever feel that way with the yoyos I have or have played. The ridiculously stable ones to me are fun because they are ridiculously stable. That’s a particular kind of fun. Nobody’s forcing me to play it, so when that type of fun isn’t doing the trick for me on a given day, I go for something less stable but just as rewarding (the Smooth Move I just got meets that qualification… it’s not "un"stable, it’s just not a ridiculous stability monster) or a fixed-axle throw.

So, I can see why something that’s “too perfect” could become less than your favourite yoyo, but I don’t find it anti-fun, I just think for me it’s a different kind of fun.