TONS of yo-yo's FS: Help Me Fix My Car

Hey Everyone,

Recently I have been having problems with my car and now it is in the shop for the longest it has ever been to be checked out and fixed. Last time I had it in the shop I was barely able to pay the bill for the car, and with having to pay for college housing reservation and my hours cut down even more at my workplace, I am pretty much broke.

I am doing a clear out sale on a ton of yo-yo’s, including some YYJ Aquarius yo-yo’s that I have used in competition (Worlds 2008, for example) that are still in good condition. I need your guys’ help pretty badly. A lot of these yo-yo’s are set at very cheap pricing, and the prices listed include shipping costs.

Photos of the yo-yo’s listed below can be found here:

The descriptions of the yo-yo are found as a caption in each photo.

Send me a message via YoyoExpert or email me at if you are interested in buying any of these yo-yo’s.

Thanks guys,

You’re saving me.

  • John Narum, Team YYJ


. 2 Yomega Exodus Yo-yo’s: $12

  • Never been taken out of the package

. Duncan John Higby Fixed Axel Package: $17

  • Never been played with both before, great collectibles from one of yo-yo’s best artists

[s]. Duncan FHZ Green Glitter: $15

  • Never been taken out of the package[/s]

. Duncan FHZ Steve Brown Love Edition, Used: $17

  • In great condition

. Duncan Freehand, John Higby Chico 2003 Edition: $12

  • Never been played with before

[s]. YoyoJam Lynn Fury, Johnnie Delvalle Series: $10

  • thrown twice[/s]

[s]. Duncan Freehand, Checkered Pattern, used: $15

  • Eye Candy yo-yo, great for 1A[/s]

[s]. YoyoJam Night Moves 4 Worlds 2008 Edition, Blue Anodize: $25

  • Very rare run of the yo-yo
  • Been thrown a few times
  • Will come in pouch[/s]

. YoyoJam Triple Jam: $15

[s]. YoyoJam Patriot, used: $8

  • Used by me to win Midwest Regional Ladder Division, 2004[/s]

. YYF Grind Machine, used: $15

  • Thrown a couple times, still in excellent condition

[s]. Vulto Saga: $9

  • Never been thrown, great yo-yo to have if an international brand yo-yo collector[/s]

[s]. YYF Speed Dial, used: $11

  • thrown a couple of times[/s]

. Seth Peterson/Dave Poyzer Hitman mod: $9

  • An interesting project by these two Midwest throwers, they used a lathe to cut down the yo-yo into more of a Sigma Blade Zwei-like shape. Good to have if a collector

[s]. Buzzon Element X, Mid-West Regionals Edition: $15

  • Taken out of the package once, never been thrown[/s]

. YoYoJam Evo, Cody Taylor Signature Series: $9

  • A wonderful yo-yo to have in collection of a collector
  • Playability is minimal

[s]. YoyoJam Spinmaster 2, Brent Dellinger signature series: $9

  • Great yo-yo to have in collection
  • In decent condition, playable[/s]

[s]. YoyoJam Spinmaster 2, 2003 Japan Nationals Edition, White and Black Marble: $15

  • A very rare run of this yo-yo, a must-have in your collection[/s]

[s]. Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2 and Chain Reactor Package Purple: $20

  • Suggested package for a collector
  • Eye Candy
  • Been Thrown twice (each yo-yo)
  • Will come in packaging pouches


[s]. YoyoJam Matador, Jennifer Baybrook signature series: $13

  • In wonderful condition
  • Great for both a player and collector
  • Smooth with great durability
  • Series no longer sold by YoyoJam
    [s]. YoyoJam Free Agent, Cody Taylor Offstring Series: $12
  • Great for a player
  • Smooth and has good regen qualities
  • Very rare to find[/s]


[s]. Green, Yellow with Blue Rims and Sprockets: $13

This is the yo-yo I used at Worlds in 2008, my last top three placing, and it still plays great. The Sprockets were added in after the competition as a way to explore offstring concepts. Sprockets are no longer sold by YoyoJam and the opportunity to use hubstacks on an offstring yo-yo is quite minimal now these days. [/s]

[s]. Watermelon: $10

I used this yo-yo to win MN states in 2007. Great for regens, and has one minor crack on the hub but holds up well. [/s]

[s]. Light Tan: $10

I used this yo-yo to win MN states in 2008 and 2010. This is a great throw, suggested to play with a wider gap. Great for regens and has great variability. [/s]

. Dark Purple: $9

Used to win Midwest Regionals in 2007. Good playing condition, good for a collector. [/s]

[s][s]. Yellow/Blue: $9

Used to get into the finals of the 2007 World Yo-yo Contest Finals. Good playi[/s]ng condition[/s]

[s]. Red/Blue: $9

Used to win MN States in 2007, good playing condition [/s]

hey man i think we can work out a deal k well if you want
ill take the
night moves four
both spinmasters
triple jam
and the free agent
il give you 100 for this

ill take one of the offstrings

how about the evo and the free angent for 18 shiped

ill give you 65 for all the mint and play well offstrings if you want that

Free bump to help a needy player out.

(Plus I bought several yoyos here and am trying to secure ONE more…)