Yo-yo Clearout Sale

Selling off virtually everything in slow batches to live minimalistic in a yo-yo sense and keep the yo-yo’s I truly cannot let go and those I use for shows and competition.

PM me with offers or email me at johnnarum@gmail.com Trying to be generous with these offers, but lemme know what’s up.

Picture 1: Duncan Package Deal [s]$16 Shipped
[/s] $14 Shipped!

Duncan Flying Panda, Speed Racer Wheel and Duncan Wheel altogether, mint in package.

Picture 2 (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

  • Yeti Box with Spacers $6 Shipped
  • Equinox Duo Package $35 Shipped for Both, 25 each. Used, but both in great condition.
    [s]- Difeyo Bone Chip $50 Shipped, has ano wear but in amazing condition
  • YoyoJam Copperhead Heavyweight $30 Shipped - Great playing condition, collectible! [/s]
  • YoyoJam Spinfaktor Xtra $30 Shipped - Played seldom, great condition!

Picture 3 (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

[s]- Rare Purple Marbled Black Knight and YoyoJam Journey Todd Bell Edition $30 Shipped - Black Knight is capless but in good condition, rare Journey

  • Speeder = Gone, sorry. [/s]
  • YoyoJam All Metal Luxe $40 Shipped - Rare All metal YYJ throw, plays very well
    - YoyoJam Revolution Grant Johnson Signature Series $25 Shipped - Never played

Picture 4 (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

  • YoyoJam Meteor Worlds 2008 Edition $40 Shipped - Great playing condition
    - SUPER RARE YoyoJam Grant Johnson “Infinity” Revolution Prototype - $45 Shipped thrown three times
    - Night Moves 4 Purple Body Worlds 2008 Edition $50 Shipped - Rare run of this yo-yo. Great player and collector’s item
    - YoyoFactory Northstar Aurora Borealis Edition $20 Shipped - Used but in superb condition

bump. make offers and make it gone!