My collection is now for sale. No Trades. I have 7 yoyos for sale 2 free yoyos, and some accessories. Some of the images may be a bit fuzzy or hard to see, if you need, I will send a video to you if you request one. Also, no individual sales. You must buy the whole bundle to buy anything.

Items for Sale:
YoYoFactory Popstar-$15
YoYoJam Fiesta-$15
YoYoJam Legacy-$12
YoYoJam Dark Magic 1-$10
2 Yomega Fireballs-$8 each yoyo
Yomega Maverick-$15
2 nearly full bottles of thin lube-$2 each bottle
2 counterweights-$1 each counterweight

YoYoFactory Popstar-

Smooth, runs like new, has like a little over ten small scratches, no dents, or anything that would alter the performance of the yoyo itself. It is rather small. No modifications of any changes made to the yoyo.

YoYoJam Fiesta-

Good offstring yoyo. Very smooth, runs cleanly like new, and has a few skid marks and scratches from hitting the ground. Normal offstring size. No modifications have been done. Also, side mirror caps have slight scratches.

YoYoJam Legacy-

Good plastic, runs well. It was recently lubed and the bearing still need to be broken in a bit. Otherwise runs great. No really noticeable marks or anything. No modifications except lubed bearing.

YoYoJam Dark Magic 1-

This yoyo was given to my brother by a friend of his. The bearing is really bad now, either needs cleaning or to be replaced, therefore that’s why it’s only priced for ten dollars. Caps are gone, rims are scratched up, I may be willing to even lower the price to as low as five for this yoyo.

Yomega Fireballs (2)-

Very good, very smooth, very tight and very responsive. Perfect condition. The only thing I’ve done to modify these yoyos are I’ve swapped the two yoyo’s halves.

Yomega Maverick-

Basically new, I’ve only played with it a few times. It is still responsive, and it is really smooth and can sleep for quite a while. No mods, but bearing was recently lubed. No scratches that are noticeable.

Free Yo-Yos-

I have A Duncan Butterfly and Imperial. If you don’t want them, I won’t bother sending them to you.

2 bottles of thin lube
2 counterweights

That’s all of my whole collection. I ask a few things. No returns, and if possible, would you mind including the cost of shipping. And if you buy one yoyo, you must buy the whole package. I don’t sell individually.

Hey do u still have the popstar available??