Looking for offers. US only.
WANTS: A-rt, c3 * myy vapormotion, c3 bastet, krown st

List (starting atpink to teal fade going right):
ET Sesh, Prototype Behemoth, Chief, Sasquatch.
row2: Gold plated sesh, my sig. the current, tempo, Wm2,
row3: Gold plated blasted sesh, clareview canvas, Curvy donut man proto, Elysian, nickel cascade
row4: Sesh, haymaker, sesh, renegade
row5: sesh, dv8, idk, tigershark(glow).
row6: sesh, victory, gamer, 3d
row7: victory, project, glacier express
offf to the side, a pile of seshprotos

Most are in fairly good condition.

I like everything in the case. The things i want to get offers on are the canvas, haymaker, sasquatch, the sesh that are not in the case, victories, and the idk throw.


Not looking to buy, but just a tip: list your yoyo’s, its hard to tell what they are just from a picture.


Agree! Would love a list and maybe some price idea?


I will buy all of them for TEN DOLLARS! ;D

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