Pp, clyw, yyf, kys, yyj, onedrop. Updated list

Looking for trades or cash. Offer up.
WANTS: Pistolero (any grade), el ranchero, C3×H5 Chief, yeti 1s, canvas, grail and dipdytch, interesting stuff.
First pic is mainly what I have for trade or sale but the second stuff i might take offers on! Probably not tho !
First pic: bvm1 near mint. Bham near mint. Kys pax. Wedge.
Second pic (left to right): current, current, unreleased eternal throw bimetal proto, current, current, sesh proto, rose gold blasted sesh, rose gold plated sesh, cotton candy fade sesh, sesh proto, poo emoji sesh, wedge, elysian, elysian, elysian
Third pic (left to right): chief, canvas, spyy pure, glacier express. Gamer, wooly marmot 2, nivkel cascade, igloo, dm1, diamondback, tempo, behemoth prototype


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Can you make a comprehensive list of what you have photographed, please?


What is the red and white splashed one?

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Wooly marmot 2


Can to label all that junk for us


Lists… we love lists here… we need a list…



Oooo!! What’s the one in the bottom right in the last case?? All silver??

Prototype i made a long time ago. Floaty and realllly wide

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Pmd ya

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