Tommy Smothers Throw

What old school yo did Tommy use? Had to have had a bearing. Maybe custom?

My brother has always been jealous of me. He is always saying, “Mom loves you best.”

Sorry a little Smother’s brothers humor.


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Is this what you’re talking about?


You got Tommy Smothers to autograph that? I heard he almost never gives out his signature.

Here is a better shot of one of the blue ones.

^^^ I have a red one just like that

He personally gave me one when I met him. he was really nice and showed me some tricks.
He got a tom kuhn bearingized yoyo at one point but most of what you seen him do is on a fixed.

he used a lot of yo-yo’s, including duncans, hummingbirds by brad countryman, and a model that tom kuhn made for him.

most of those kodak/hummingbird/smothers woodies were recreations which he mainly used/sold after his tv career had wound down.