Tommy Smothers-Always Ready

I grew up with the Smother’s Brothers, gotta love 'em.  Especially Tommy who apparently is always ready with a trick when asked.  I guess this is where hard core throwers keep their hardware.  :slight_smile:

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I don’t keep mine strapped to my ankle, it’s on a holder off my belt loop! Easier access!

What I don’t like is how he is being goaded into it. Typical bottom-feeder journalism. Tha’s TMZ for you, stalking and annoying celebrities.

Studio 42, I understand your feelings. But at 75, it seems to me that he was more than happy to get the attention and willing to comply. I could be wrong.

I agree. It was great to see him throwing still.

And he looked like he was having fun too!

Lets’s not forget. The Smothers Brothers are Canadian. They reigned in the comedy department thru out the 60’s. It was the Vietnam war era and CBS decided that they were unwanted anti war propaganda and were summarily dismissed. Aside from the yo-talents of Tommy, we should all recognize the political contributions that the Smother Brothers brought to the table. Aside from that…Tommy rocks!

Motley07…you can’t have them.  The belong to us!

Dang…I grew up watching them on CBC. They just seemed to be so Canadian, perhaps the proximity. I stand corrected thank u. ( I incorrectly thought only Canadians wore both suspenders and a belt at the same time).

Ya been watchin’ too much Red Green, Ehhhh.

Ha! I totally forgot about the Red Green Show!!!


Take off eh.

The yo-yo man himself!

And of course his signature throw