Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine - How much vibe/pulse is normal?

Just got a beautiful Sleep Machine in my favorite colors - white with blue stripe.

Did quite amount of adjusting the string gap and choosing strings to get it where I want it, which is good, long spin, and just barely tug responsive.

However, I noticed that the yoyo itself has a good deal of vibe - maybe you could call it a very fast pulse. I assume that because the halves are so close together (there is no sort of “pad response” system) that the continuous contact with the string could be instrumental, but am not sure.

On most of my yoyos, if the throw is vibey, I can eliminate it by gently touching the yoyo, which smooths it out. That is not possible with my SM.

Anyway, this is my first one, and just looking to get an idea of how this model should play/feel (assuming a good throw).

Have thought about opening the gap up a bit and seeing what a friction sticker might do!

Thanks in advance -

This is the joy of owning a BB wood yoyo by TK… That sadly said is par for the course with these yoyo’s…

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It’s not pulse, it’s that good feeling you get from playing a Sleep Machine. :wink:


Haha! Yeah, I don’t mind it, at all, just wanting to know how it plays under best circumstances.

Looks like I got a real good one! :smiley:

Probably just due to the less-consistent density of wood.

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