Token responsiveness?

I haven’t really used my Token for a pretty long time so I cleaned the bearing out just to be safe before I gave it to my girlfriend. She played with it for quite some time and I tried it out… Completely responsive. I cleaned it again but this time I tried to add a needles-tip-dab of lubricant… Still completely responsive. Anyone else have this problem with the token? I tried swapping out the bearing for a YYF SPEC bearing to no avail. Any suggestions? I might just buy her a new yoyo

What did you clean the bearing with? And what was your method of cleaning it?

Tokens should be completely unresponsive. It can only be a bearing or response pad issue.

Bearing seats can be dirty and cause the yo to become responsive as well.

1: How did you clean it?
2: How did you lube it? I hear your description but I need/want more details. What lube did you use?

I’m not a big fan of the YYF Spec bearings. I’ve had a few go kaput on me. You may have just swapped a bad bearing with a bad bearing.

Have you siliconed it? There might be some in the bearing recess area. Is the response sticking out of the recess? It shouldn’t. If you got lube on the pads, they could swell a bit and maybe stick out a bit which could add to the responsiveness. Usually, it won’t be enough to cause issues. It will usually affect the adhesive and cause the pad to get ripped out or fall out.

How are you putting the string on? Are you closing the yoyo first before you put the string on it?

I’m sure you’re putting in a C-sized bearing, not a half-width N-sized bearing(N is half-width C bearing).

What string are you using? Somethings thick strings can be a problem. I don’t normally have that issue.

I cleaned it by completely disassembling the bearing, doing the paper cleaning, put it into a small jar of acetone, shook it around for about a minute then let it soak for 2 minutes. After that I spun it dry using a dremel tip that conveniently fits into the bearing and spun it with my finger until it was dry. Then I let it sit for about 30 minutes to ensure a complete dry. Finally I took a needle and dipped it into some YYF performance lube and tapped it onto the outside edge of the bearing (on the inside). put the bearing together and put it back into the yoyo.

I have not siliconed it but I did put in some new pads. I am using the same thin poly strings that I use in all of my yoyos.

I can see that the second I allow some slack the string chases the bearing though. I even put in a One Drop 10-ball and the same problem occurred. I tried cleaning the bearing seat and everything. I tried everything from a very mildly damp cheesecloth and cleaned it with that then dried it with a non fiber cloth. As well as rubbing alcohol in the same fashion as the mildly damp cloth

How long did the bearing spin on a flick? It’s sounding like something in the bearing seat or recess, or a bad bearing at this point.

The spin on a flick thing isn’t a definitive test but it gives some sort of idea on the condition of the bearing. If you’re getting less than 5 seconds, get a new bearing.

While you’re at it, if you have spare bearings, swap it.

If you use the paper method, do you get any gunk? What color is it?

Mine isn’t dead unreaponsive, even with a bearing I’m running dry. It is still enough for most hooks, suicides, slacks etc.

Mine is unresponsive but I remember a time that it was finicky. It ships with very grabby pads… Binds were so tight they were snaggy from time to time until the pads wore in. I also eventually switched to a profiled bearing which I’m sure helped. But with that configuration (worn pads, profiled bearing) I have no fear of unintentional responsiveness at all.

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I agree mine was grabby until I wore the pads down the bearing that came with it was decent enough that I’ve not swapped it yet. I’d pull the bearing blow it out with canned air or compressed (forced) air of some sor, give her another cleaning and reassemble and play maybe it just needs some love :slight_smile: .

Thanks guys. I’ll try out all of the suggestions and hopefully she plays better soon.

When I did the paper cleaning the gunk that came out was just grease black. nothing out of the ordinary

A fully-cleaned bearing wouldn’t have any black in it. You did the right thing using the paper cleaning method. :wink:

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