Today's Topic: Sports Day at School

OK, a little back story. I got my kids into yoyo when I started. They’re progressing at their own rate. As they are starting to get a few(one has 6, one has 5, another has 4 but one is lost and two are still in the packages and the 1 year old even has one), they need to get organized.

The eldest 2, I said to them that I’m tired of stuff being misplaced(I work in a cluttered room full of computers, but I detest clutter and mess!), and that it’s time to do something about it. As the 3 year old and 1 year old attack the yoyos when the eldest 2 are at school, it was time to get them cases. The eldest chose a Navy YYE Medium bag like mine(except mine is black) and the 5 year old chose the YYE Competition bag. They’ve had these for just over a week now. I first saw the YYE Competition bag because the person I meet with on weekends has one. They are nice! And my YYE Medium bag goes everywhere I go.

Anyhow, jump forward to today. Their school is doing some “theme of the day” each day this week, each day being a different theme. Today was Sports day. The eldest asked if yoyo was a sport. I said that some people consider it to be a sport. She ran upstairs and crammed her YYE Medium bag into her backpack and took her yoyos to school. Her throws: Legacy II, ONE, SHinwoo Loop, Duncan Keychain yoyo, Duncan ProZ, and YYF Starlight. She can’t bind yet though. Her favorite for now? Legacy II set responsive.

Just thought I’d share.

I regularly have my DM2 on a holder hanging off my belt loop and my YYE Medium bag full when I go to take them to school or pick them up, so I have no problems showing my activity of choice!