I was at a restaurant, in a neighboring town, when two brothers and a sister walked up to my table and produced yoyos. I was a bit surprised as they immediately started asking me questions about yoyoing and telling me about their skills. After a few minutes of sittting there dumb founded their father walked up to the table. He had been a student of mine, many years ago.

Needless to say, I spent the remainder of the day in good company. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had anything like that happen before. It was a great day!


Isn’t it cool when stuff like that happens!

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Waaaiiitt, how old are you man?

Well how the heck old are you anyway??? ::slight_smile:

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According to his profile, over 267 years old.

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Your interest in yoyos left a big impression! And even beyond that, you must have been a memorable teacher in whatever capacity it was to be remembered through the years. Great story.

Woah that’s awesome! Nice! A great day indeed my dude!

i was running late to my sisters band pratice (she was there i wasnt) as i was talking through the streets i saw this guy playing with a dark magic II. Yoyoing is unheard of in ireland, so i went over to him and pulled out my shutter and gave the dude a hug and talked about throwing. turns out he was really old school and when he was on the scene gentry was the new kid on the scene (yeah kinda wild) i explained what hes missed and we hug out for awhile after that day. i gave him a replay pro and he gave my a magic yoyo n11. pretty cool when stuff liekt his happends

I’m old enough to appreciate the proper usage of such terms as “whippersnapper” and “shenanigans.”
However, I’m young enough to fly my mountain bike over jumps and ski down the steeps and through the moguls.

Sounds like everything is huncky dorey so okey dokey