To Mr. Jeromy Kasner

Perfect Fit String.

The more I play with what I have, the more I enjoy it. Problem is, I’m about out.

How does one go about obtaining more of this wonderful stuff?

I have money. ;D


Just drop me a private message and I’ll hook you up. I can make just about any color, length, left handed string and even top string . If you are looking for some thing special I’ll see what i can do. :wink: :slight_smile:

Left Handed?

Left handed players string loosen when they play verses tightening also for 2A I have heard of people using it for ease. But it is not that popular. Some people look for.

Good stuff that Perfect Fit String

Hmm…yeah, good stuff.

Happy Throwing! =]

You ain’t kiddin. I’m a little skiddish about trying new string these days, for reasons I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you, but this stuff is great and the guy making it seems awesome.

It’s a hard sell to get me off Chaos, but this is proof that you can at least put something else in my arsenal. :wink: