Homemade yoyo string samples!

Hello everyone! I started making yoyo strings a few months ago and I want to start producing my strings for a profit. Before I did this I decided I wanted to let some people test out my yoyo strings. I hand twist all of the strings so I can get a tight twist, and for this reason if you ask for a sample it may take some time (a few days at most. I have the most time during the weekends). If you would like I can also make strings with a reverse twist (lefty string). If you do get a sample, please provide me with feedback. Thank you :smiley:

I’ll try a sample… pm coming your way :slight_smile:

Im left handed and i would love to try it. Using left handed string is always a rare treat. I would be happy to give feedback.

Me too! I’ll PM you!

Thanks for all of the requests! I have a group of people that I am going to be able to send a sample out to, so I am not taking anymore requests right now. Keep checking up on this post as I will be trying to get a few more sample out and I once I get a few good reviews I will start deciding on price and all that other stuff associated with it. Thank you for everyone who is interested in trying my string!

If you need some one to they out the left handed /reverse string lemme know.

I just got one sample done, and wanted to show you what it would consist of, so here you go.

Those string sure look nice!

Nice! That’s some long string :smiley:

I measured them after I wrote six feet and they aren’t exactly six feet but they sure are close

Still the longest(non-extra long) string I’ve heard of :smiley:

For everybody who has been waiting to get their string sample, I sent them out today, so you should receive them this week.

Alright good enough for me.