mlewis38's String

So I traded string with this fine gentlemen, and we even had a back and forth conversation about string making. We compared thread types twisting methods etc, and I thought I should probably give the man a few words. Life is busy so this review might feel somewhat short, but take it for what it is. First off I got some strings that are made of some of my favorite material. The two kinds I got were made of Trilobal Poly and Dual Duty. First I am slightly sad to hear that mlewis38 might not be producing strings using the Trilobal Poly, but using some of that in my own work I understand that it is a finicky monster. Never the less with the Trilobals I recieved I noted that they had a thin light weight feel yet the braids of the string were loose enough that slack play and suicides were fluid and easily controlled. I’m not sure how much of his method I am allowed to speak of so I will remain with a semi tight lip 8). Let’s just say that his unique application of twisting provides a feeling in his string that is unlike any other.

Now moving on to his dual duty string work. Personally I have a very high liking of this material, and I have also found that of the few who try dual duty thread made strings they fall immediately in love with the stuff. This is the case with mlewis38’s take on the string. It did feel thin on the old MMZ, but I still loved the whip ability of this stuff. In sturdiness this string reins supreme, and I personally feel that this material is string makers thread. String flaw is always kept at a low with this stuff, and mlewis has some pretty skilled hands. I only found on character mark higher up on the (TRILOBAL) string. You may wonder if this affects play; I can say absolutely not. Personally I have had people say they like them cause it acts as a sign that you have a legit home made string.

In short I hope that I can do a trade with mlewis38 again. I look forward to the possibility of new strings, and the making of many of the soon to be classics that I got to try out recently. Finally I bid this good sir GOOD WORK GOOD STRING GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!