To: Anyone & Everyone

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw this out here today because it came to my attention earlier and even a couple weeks ago in a discussion.

If ANYONE ever needs someone to talk to I’m always available. If you’re having a bad day, being picked on, just need someone to talk yoyo with to get your mind off stuff, etc, feel free to reach out to me via DM. Literally just message me saying “hey bad day, can we talk yoyos or video games” or whatever it is you wanna, just know you have a friend in me and I’ll help you work through whatever it is however I can.


Man, the YYE community is showing just how beautiful and welcoming it is today.

Thanks so much for the public offer. You’re a kind soul. I really hope anyone on the forums who needs someone to talk to sees your message and reaches out. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Very nice!


No problem at all. I feel very strongly about bullying, mental health etc. Nobody should be picked on because they have a hobby they enjoy or anything they enjoy doing for that matter. And nobody should feel alone or like they don’t have anyone to talk to about life or the things they enjoy as well.


Absolutely echo this sentiment. Especially with something like yoyos, where your hobby more than likely does not give you in-person access to people who share your interest, reaching out to talk in real time is always a breath of fresh air. That breath can be a huge boon to someone’s day or mental health. Much love for the public callout here, and count me in as an open ear should anyone need it.


Yes sir, for the majority of us this forum is all we have in terms of access to people who share the same interests. (If you have friends or family that throw with you in person you are blessed and I’m so jealous), so I feel as though if I can help in any way to boost someone’s morale and cheer them up, give advice etc I’m going to do so. Sooo many awesome people on here that I think have this same mindset and philosophy towards others.


Agree 100%! I think our community attracts the “outcasts” of society a lot of the time, and within that it’s hard to find others within your immediate community that have the same mindset, ideals, or interests as you - making you feel kind of alone.

I’m extremely grateful for the friends I’ve been able to meet after joining the yo-yo community.

I’m always open too, people can feel free to hit me up.


Really nice post. Definitely see yoyo and this forum as a refuge from (most of) the chaos inside and outside my little world. Very cool of you to extend that to something more personal for those who need it.


Love to hear and see stuff like this! Getting into throwing and seeing the amount of positivity it brings has made me happy to find this board. It’s wild that the impact of just talking (and showing off some dope tricks of course) to the kids I work with has on their health and esteem. Working in mental health can really trap you in a “man, the world stinks” state of mind but knowing that there’s homies who care outside of it being a job really brightens my day!

I’m pretty new here but my inbox is open to anyone as well! I spend most of my down time at work here since it’s one of the few sites not blocked so I’m usually available. I welcome anyone that wants to talk about skateboarding, Denim, Candle making, Yo-Yos , or anything really. Mental health is a big part of my life and I love to learn about new things and see new worldviews.

Much love to you all, I’m grateful to be here :heart_hands:


Also just wanted to say thank you to those that reached out and offered this to me personally as well. Appreciate all of you! This community is full of good people, hard to say that about a lot of others nowadays.


I was just about to post something along the same lines and found this thread.
I’ve been in mental health treatment for many years. If anyone ever wants to chat with someone that knows what it’s like to deal with bipolar 2 and anxiety, that also happens to play with and collect yo-yos, then please contact or pm me
It’s always nice to hear you’re not alone.


I wanted to revive this thread incase anyone needed to see it. We’re all a big-little family on this forum and we all enjoy this fun hobby/sport etc together. Idc who you are, how you throw, what you throw, how good you are, where you come from, anything. If anyone needs to talk or anything I’m one PM away. As someone that struggled/struggles with mental health and what not I get it and I’ll do my best to help you

Oh and legally I’m just gonna say I’m not a licensed therapist/psychiatrist/etc etc. My advice and “help” is solely based off my own opinions and experiences with actual DR’s and licensed people. So I can’t help you professionally just a heads up. I don’t think this was necessary but ya never know lol