TMBR x Ed Haponik x YoYoExpert present the EH 2019 - SPECTRA!

I’ve been on a search through every form of social media I can conjure. Your judgement does not phase me

Wait a minute…does your own cat count?

About as much as my world title does. Which is… not a bit lol

Also I have like 15 eH’s, so…


King of the castle, king of the castle.

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I was just trying to be funny, I didn’t think you of all people would be trying to get on André’s list for an eH…


Hahaha I was too I promise! After 8 years of eH’s and Andre/Colin being so good to me I definitely don’t need to take a spot on the list!

Originally I just felt compelled to post a pic of JD drawing on a cat lol.

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Tyler Severance with a Sphinx cat

Nailed it :slight_smile:


Totally willing to take that ebony eH off your hands whenever you get tired of it (seeing as how you have 15 ^_^).

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By the Nine I am so fudging stoked about this.


This has turned into an outstanding thread.

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We need more information tho

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I’ll second that. Is there any word on a release date yet?

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Hope it’s live in time to get it within FixieFeb!

Should be - we are looking at late next week as of now. :slight_smile:

Maybe this isn’t the right thread to ask this, but I’m curious to see and learn how the eH has evolved design-wise since its inception. Being a late-comer to all this, I’m really only familiar with its current incarnation.

Sure. It’s changed a bit, although most of the models feature a very similar profile, especially along the inner wall. That’s been the most consistent aspect of the design.

At the top are the first two yo-yo’s I turned with Steve Buffel at Canada Nats in 2011. We burned them on his in-house laser engraver and I later added the “button holes” because they were super fun to play but had inconsistent response.

2nd row, you have the original eH which was the only yo-yo I played for all of 2012 next to the fresh unplayed one I Steve made me as a backup. Then the original production version we sold in Winter 2012 (the first TMBR eH), and the 2013 version. That whole row was just red oak. My daughter Caitlyn actually has a “CH” 2012 version - one of a kind lol.

3rd row, for 2014, we started incorporating Colin’s radical wood-thread axle setup. It and 2015 next to it were both a denser white oak with more minimalist engraving. Then we released the “eHxotics” which included wenge and zebrano (pictured) along with bubinga and just a few in ebony.

And bottom row, of course we changed things up for the 20-eH-teen in maple and ash and shrank it back down a tad and adjusted the rims for the spectras.
(Next year, we are adding a CT bearing and silicone response, but otherwise the same.)



In terms of shape, I like the current shape the best. I really love how the inset yields a cup-and-rim aesthetic.

How do the various generations differ in terms of play feel (wood choice notwithstanding)? Which one do you find yourself playing with the most often? (I’m sure that’s been asked a bunch of times before, but I didn’t want to search for the answer, sorry).

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No prob at all. I tend to play the most current one, generally. I get super excited about the process of prototyping them and am usually super stoked on every little change. But I’d say my favorites would be the 2015 which was silky smooth and the oak had a great dense grain, 2017 in zebrano which was super playable for being so light, and all of the spectras.

The original eH had a hemlock axle (like a bulky No Jive axle) and it was generally less snappy/responsive than any of the productions. Back then my play style was equal parts stalls and longer string tricks and I needed my one yo-yo for the year to do both well. Since then, while they have all had different densities, the TMBR axles and response has given them a pretty consistent feeling in play. The rims in the last 2 releases have been the biggest change. I do find that they are a bit slower to flip and a bit easier to balance when stalled.


I’m really looking forward to that. The Slumber Device? Snooze Contraption?